Spirit Boy: An Earth Spy

Published Date : 2008

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: 8.5 x 5.5 x 1.5 inches
: English
: 978-0981813400


SPIRIT BOY: An Earth Spy

SPIRIT BOY looks like the (11yrs) kid he was when he died. When he spots two boys heading down the same dead-end-road he traveled, he knows he must help them understand the `LAW OF ATTRACTION,’ so they can change their lives for the better. Sam has a huge secret. When his mother mysteriously disappeared, his (16yrs) brother dropped out of school to take care of him. They live in fear they’ll be caught and separated from each other forever. Sam is bused to a school in one of LA’s wealthier neighborhoods. Henry lives there with his spoiled teenage sister. They look like rich kids, with a great lifestyle, but they don’t. Henry has a secret too. His father out of work and they’re on the brink of bankruptcy. Sam soon discovers his new friend, Spirit Boy, talks to his archenemy Henry. The two eventually become friends and record a positive rap song with one of the hottest rap stars. Sam’s mother recognizes him on TV, and reunited, only to discover her older son died in a gang shooting.

Customer Reviews


The Starseeds; Beyond Time... Aside from this being a fiction novel, I, personally have learned a lot from this novel when it comes to realization, forgiveness, internal happiness and the like. A lot of lessons in life (young or old readers) learned from this novel.

- My Editor

The StarSeeds; Beyond Time..."I must say that the novel is thoroughly engaging and the twists and turns keep the reader engaged. As I proceed reading the novel, it fills me up with lots of positive energy :)

- Editor #2

Daphne Goes Blue: "Tricia, I just read your wonderful book.  It great.  Positive message with solutions that work.  Thank you so much for what you do.  This would be soooo good in schools and out in world to reach children in all size bodies to change our world. Bobbie G

- Bobbie G. Radio Host and Author

Daphne Goes Blue: I was charmed and touched by this precious book! Daphne is a delightful Ambassador of the sea who shines the light of loving and compassionate awareness on the trouble state of our oceans on planet Earth. May Daphneʼs message of hope ripple far and wide, until her vision of a healed and whole Blue Planet, for all to enjoy! ~

- Linda Shay, Dolphin Ambassador and Author of Dolphin Love... From Sea to Land. www.dolphinheartworld.com

"Daphne Goes Blue", teaches children how precious sea life is,and how their actions can begin to reverse the damage done to the oceans' ecosystems and its inhabitants.  Tricia has given sea creatures personalities that jump off the page, and their charm elicits an emotional response that will motivate children to treat the sea and it's precious creatures as the true gems that they are."   

- Daria Justyn - www.dariajustyn.com